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Food :
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Information about the game.

klick on the screen to start a new round..

Every inhabitant needs 20 units of grain a year.. if you give less some inhabitans will die.

if you give more, the number of inhabitans will grow. this is the first number to enter.

for every inhabitant you want new, there has to be spent 40 units of grain in additon.

Please!!! dont forget the comma! else the input is not correct.

the next number represent the amount of grain units you want to crop..

for every acre of land there will be 2 units of grain be needed.

each inhabitant can till 10 acers of land.

the last number represent the amount of acers of land you want to sell/buy.

if the number is positiv you buy land, else you sell land.

the amount of units of grain you will get or you will have to pay, is

listed in the report you get in the beginning of every year.

that's it.. have fun, your majesty ;)